Job Posting: SF Bay Area contract KiCAD schematic drafting and PCB layout

We’re looking for a part-to-full-time contract engineer to revise a small board (5x7", 4-6 layer) we currently have in KiCAD. Need a fairly skilled person to preserve part of the schematic and the corresponding part of the existing layout, and add new parts to the design under the guidance of our EE. It has low-frequency RF and some sensitive analog as well as PLD, digital/MCU, and power supply components.

Ideally we’d like someone in the SF Bay Area, South Bay region to spend a lot of collaborative in-house time with our EE at our office in Sunnyvale, CA. Pace will start at about half time for a couple of weeks, increase to full time for a few weeks, then taper off until we need another revision in a number of weeks.

We need someone to do the end-to-end KiCAD drafting and layout, Gerber and PDF plot generation, and also to shepherd the project through a local Fab/Assembly house.

Hands-on electronics ability is a plus, because we’d also like the engineer to “bring up” the board with guidance from the EE and armed with multimeters, oscilloscopes, and signal generators.

We’d want to start in about a week.

If you’re interested please PM me on this site.


John Haggis

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Hi John, if you’re still looking please let me know. The post is some 2 weeks old now. Send me a private message with details.

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