JLCPCB ? Yes ? No?


Just wondering if anyone has had experience with JLCPCB, as well as what the pros and cons of their experience was.

Based on a walk-through video on YouTube, they appear to have a huge state-of-the-art facility.

Please be honest ( even brutally honest ) if necessary.

Thanks !


Funny you should ask. I literally just got my first batch of boards from them. I ordered ten of them with a stencil. Here is what I got:

Two of the ten boards have minor blemishes which appear to be only cosmetic. I’m not complaining given the price point.

Check the album again in a few hours for an update after I build these and hit them with hot air. We’ll see if that white solder mask stays white. :wink:


I got some 2-layer boards from JLCPCB a few weeks ago. They seem fine, but the major advantage was they let me panelize my design to fit 8 boards within their 100mm x 100mm area with no extra charges. So I got 80 boards for a total of $10.88. Shipping time to the US was not bad at around 15 days.


Breaktabs / mousebites or V-Scoring panelization ?


The used v-scoring in the video I watched, but they may very well do all types.


For anyone interested, the title of the YouTube video is:

Inside a Huge PCB Factory - in China

The video is just under 27 minutes long. Just search JLCPCB on YouTube.


Thanks to all that have replied !


Break tabs.

And here’s some more text.


I can confirm that they are very good on price and delivery. Typically 5 days from sending to receiving PCBs.
10 for $2 up to 100x100m makes them far cheaper for prototype boards than anyone in the UK or Europe.
Quality seems to be as good as anything closer to home and if you stick to standard white mask, green resits leaded tin and FR4 1.6mm board they are really good. Unleaded is available but the cost rockets and for a “see if it is OK” type PCB, which will be soldered with good old 60/40 solder anyway, it is fine.
I have used them several times since early 2017 and they have always delivered on time. The carriage costs are horrendous compared with the PCB cost, but they do come on time and are still far cheaper than 1 PCB from our EU supplier


I’ve used them a couple times recently and so far they seem superior to Iteadstudio which couldn’t even align my soldermask accurately… they aligned it to the corner of one of my footprints so it ended up with lopsided clearance.

Also I use the service to check my boards before ordering, also if i need a board really quick I’ll order it from them (Advance Circuits aka

So far JLCPCB has been fast, cheap and pretty decent and they didn’t screw up my soldermask. They also include this what seems to be a biodegradable pen in every order I’ve gotten from them so far (perhaps not in the $2 orders). Advanced Circuits usually includes popcorn in their orders… surely this is important information!


It’s YES without hasitations. I’ve made a video, you can see here:
It’s subtitled in English. Nothing to complain about. They have a good ratio quality / price, compared to others.


Looks like a fun project!


You get the unusual pen, even with the $2 orders.


I’ve used JLCPCB three times. All orders were for 10 PCBs 100mm by 100mm with default choices on all options. Final cost, including shipping, per PCB was just under $2 each. I haven’t found any problems with my boards but I am an amature and could have missed something. I received all of my orders within 6 working days, 8 calendar days.