JLCPCB plugin position offset

I have two questions about tthe jlcpcb offset. I’ve been using it with succes but it comes with two minor quirks

Everytime I order an assembled PCB I get mail that I must verify the component placement. The right image is the CPL that I upload. The left is what JLCPCB did for me. I do always check the box ‘verify component placement’. :nerd_face:

Is this something that I can do in KiCad? IIRC I cannot manually set the absolute zero point for the coordinates.

Quirk two is dat the rotation of all ICs is always wrong. I have to manually rotate ICs every time. Is this just a thing or is there an error or mismatch somehow in the CPL file?

I examined the example file and the plugin’s file. The plugin seems to have more columns. But I do not know at this point if this cause of the bug or not. In a few days I want to manually remove the redundant columns and see if it makes a difference.

Designator;Mid X;Mid Y;Layer;Rotation (EXAMPLE CPL JLCPCB)

Designator,Val,Package,Mid X,Mid Y,Rotation,Layer (KICAD PLUGIN)

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There is some previous discussion here, which also talks about why there is a rotation discrepancy:

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