JLCPCB order with two pcbs in one file

Hey! Just about to finish my first pcb project. The project has two pcb boards that are conntected to each other. I have the two pcbs now in one file and am wondering how to make the gerber files to make an order with jlcpcb for two boards? I read about hirachical sheets but could not find anything helpful yet.
here are the project files btw:

The project appears to have one PCB that’s 200x100 and one that’s under 100x100.

If you panelise both PCBs on one board, change the edge cuts so that the outer boundary covers both boards, and create slots and mouse bites so that you can separate the two boards by hand, you will get charged for the minimum bounding rectangle, about 200x200, or perhaps 300x100, plus any surchage for combining designs. Do a search for posts about panelization on this forum for tools.

It might be better to submit two PCBs, one of which will qualify for any under 100x100 offers. Usually you can combine postage for more than one board. You’d have to go back to the schematic and separate the two designs.

When I ordered my last boards from JLCPCB it was December of 2021. Five 2 copper layer boards were $2 and five 4 layer boards were $8 for boards in which the largest dimension was 100 mm or less. Shipping was $8.63, and the total was $18.63. I think that two orders together cost no more to ship than one order by itself.

Read these specifications :

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Thanks you for your replies! In the end I just copied the two boards to seperate pcb files and made the gerbers individually from there.

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