JLCPCB : error messages in Gerber Viewer

I get error messages (with a ‘!’) I don’t understand…

B_Paste.gbp(null): Non-gerber274X/excellon formats
Edge_Cuts.gm1(Board Outline Layer):Gerber file with a board outline
F_Paste.gtp(null): Non-gerber274X/excellon formats
NPTH-drl_map.gbr(drill chart): Non-critical Gerber file
PTH-drl_map.gbr(null): Non-critical Gerber file

As a result, the PCB won’t display.

This is the first PCBs I will get manufactured : 6 different designs (I always made my PCBs at home).
They are 100% through hole : F_Paste and B_Paste make no sense to me.
Excellon is checked in the “Generate Drill Files” dialog.

What does mean “Non-critical Gerber file” ?

And why the hell does JLCPCB complain about a board outline in the edge cuts layer ???

I tried generating the fabrication files by hand, following the instructions I found on (still related to Kicad 5.x).
I also tried using the plugin JLCPCB Tools.

No success.

The layers I checked :

Checking or unchecking x.Paste layers doen’t solve the problem. Maybe “null” in the error message just means there’s no mask (100% THT), and should ignored ?

What am I doing wrong ?

null probably means that the file in question is empty. You don’t need to generate Paste and Map files if you don’t use them. So take them out of the zip or rar.

BTW you may wish to uncheck Use Protel filenames despite what JLCPCB says in their tute (are you sure there isn’t a more recent tute, sometimes they leave old versions around?) as they can handle .gbr extension files fine. But don’t check X2, as they may not yet be ready to accept those.

The gerber viewer at JLCPCB is not very reliable regarding error messages: This is what I get, but the board was produced ok anyways:


These are my plot settings and the resulting boards are ok:

I just tried with a board of mine that’s been already produced and got these ! messages:

  • sr32gpo-B_SilkS.gbr(null): Non-gerber274X/excellon formats
  • sr32gpo-Edge_Cuts.gbr(Board Outline Layer):Gerber file with a board outline
  • sr32gpo-NPTH.drl(null): Non-gerber274X/excellon formats

The first and last are because I don’t have anything on the back silkscreen and don’t have non-plated through holes. So that supports my theory that null means there is no content in those files. The Edge Cuts message seems to always happen.

I wouldn’t worry about it if their engineers don’t raise issues.

I order 100’s pcb’s a month with JLC and have never had an issue. I believe my settings are almost the
default KiCad settings but I could be wrong.
I have never had the preview on the order page not work with KICad files although on the gerber viewer page I do get some errors, I usually go with if it looks ok then it will be.
JLCPCB are usually very good with letting you know if they spot a problem.
My settings are below


I have 100% acceptance with JLC

you don’t send them map files you send them drill files

You will always get the edge,cuts message ignore that

drill files should select " alternative drill mode format " and be in millimetres for JLC

I just ran into this and I think it’s related to Apologies from atommann (an engineer from JLCPCB), about Gerber X2 files at JLCPCB - Manufacturing - Forums

I was able to get the gerber viewer to show my PCB properly by unchecking “Use extended X2 format” and checking “Disable aperture macros”



I tested all suggestions, read all links I could find, learnt about RS-274X and X2. Still the same problem : the edge_cuts file is rejected. Allways.

I just downloaded the fabrication files from and uploaded them to jlcpcb Gerber viewer : same problem ; no display, and complains about *-edge_cuts.gbr containing board outline ! JLCPCB can’t display its own PCBs (Kicad 5)

jlcpcb should :

  • provide instructions for Kicad 6
  • provide its own plugin
  • have a working Gerber viewer

@memsgrad : I tested your settings, the problem remains the same.

I did something funny : I added a copy of the edge cuts file (with a different name). One is checked OK, the other one is rejected. (still no display)

Why not contact JLCPCB directly then to ask what it is they couldn’t handle about your files? Let us know how you go. Maybe this tag: @atommann might get their attention.

Drill unit. Indeed, if the Gerbers are mm, the drills are best in mm too, less rounding errors leading to registration loss. And anyhow, the drills are best sent in Gerber too. Same format as the copper, less potential issues.

JLC specifically ask for drill files in mm.

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Today, it seems that things have changed.
The edge cuts file is rejected, but the PCB displays as expected.
They have probably been working on the problem for a long time, as many are complaining on forums.

Tested with :

[EDIT] Or could the problem depend on JLCPCB servers load ?

Server load is an issue at times. Today morning the viewer there would wait forever. One hour later all was well.
Regarding the board check: I get these all the time since years and the boards were fine. Rest assured: they will contact you if something goes awry.

Btw, did you contact @atommann?

I didn’t.
I think I got enough information here to be assured that I’ll get what I need from JLCPCB !
What I get in the Gerber Viewer is exactly what I see in Kicad 3D viewer.

Currently reviewing designs, mechanical models and uploading to the file manager !

@retiredfeline @straubm He (@atommann) already mentioned that he is not at JLC anymore

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