JLC BOM Script under 5.99 (xslt vs Python)

Dear Kicad Enthusiasts, Engineers, Developers et al.
I have the following problem:
Working on a recent 5.99 msvc Kicad build in parallel to 5.1.9, I designed a PCB entirely in 5.99 and against my principles to never use beta versions for production, decided to sent the PCB to JLC.

I came across the following problem:
My JLC BOM script (the Xsl version from @arturo182 ) wouldn’t work on 5.99 because xslrproc needed a s***load of dlls, which I couldn’t even find in finite time on the internet. My only recourse was to copy the dlls from the parallel 5.1.9 installation to the 5.99 bin folder. Now it works again. (damn, I hate Frankenbuilds)

I didn’t see a python 3 script available with the same functionality that would work with 5.99 or did I not look hard enough ?

Second question: why aren’t the dlls provided in 5.99 ? are you going to phase out xsltproc by any chance?

Fixed in the MSVC builds

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