Jenkins "Lite" builds - what are they?

Recently I’ve switched to Jenkins “5.1” builds, happy that the annoying 5.1.5 bugs have been fixed. As there are few more things that needs polishing, I expect to update to later builds over time just to verify all is OK before 5.1.6 will be released.
Apart from the “full” jenkins build which are like 1.1G downloads, there are “lite” builds (~350M).
What is the difference? Probably the libriaries, but that’s just my guess. For incremental updates, am I OK with the “Lite” version or to be safe it’s better to get the full install?
Except for the “standards” I don’t use stock libraries as I do have (and use) my own.

Yes, the lite doesn’t include the library packages inside the installer, but has a download option for them. I usually neglect updating the libraries (even with full installer I uncheck the options). If you download the lite to save bandwidth, it doesn’t make much sense to download the libraries while installing. If you want to update the libraries, use the full installer.


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