It's a little weird when the edge of the ground plane is enlarged

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Hello, I have a question about the edge of the ground plane.
I don’t know when I look at it without zooming in, but when I zoom in, the edge of the ground plane is a little odd as shown in the picture below.

I am curious if this part is applied when making a pcb… Or, is it just a error…?
(Using a translator, the words may be strange or the meaning may not be conveyed well… If you do not understand, please tell me, I will fix it.)
Thank you!

Need more info.
There is not much to see from the purple and pink area’s.

Zones fill up to their edges, unless something else is prohibiting them to do so.

I assume the “odd” corner is made to keep the clearance. For example from a rounded corner of the PCB or a hole in the PCB.

Does it go away when you edit the zone properties and then set the clearance smaller?

Does it become bigger if you edit the zone properties and then set the clearance bigger? (This can make it more clear what the clearance is keeping clear of).

You don’t even tell the KiCad version. Version 5.1 and 5.99 behave differently with zone corners. The easiest way to get more information would be to attach an example project here, it would automatically include everything needed and would be totally unambiguous.

Sorry… This is an enlarged part of the circled corner in the photo below.

Even if you change the value of Clearance, it remains the same.

Your Front copper (F.Cu) layer is obstructing the possible cause of the problem.
What does it look like when you turn it off? Remove the check mark in the F.Cu layer in the upper right corner.

Something like this is hard to diagnose from a distance.
Can you upload the .PCB file here?
You can remove most of the other components, they are just a distraction for me. As long as the fault in the corner is still present it is ok.

Just another check:
What happens if you re-fill all zones with the b key?
(Also: Pcbnew / Edit / Fill all Zones).

Sorry… version is 5.1.9,I will attach that (25.9 KB)

In eelik’s reply, I posted the pcb file of this part.
If I press the B key, it’s the same.

The upload of that file helps to clarify things.
The pink in the fist screenshot is actually the F.Cu itself, but highlighted. and the purple is another zone shining through.

The artifact is in the F.Cu zone and it is an artifact of the zone filling algorithm.
It is in all the corners of the cutout in the F.Cu zone, and if I move a corner, the artifact moves with it.

Did you notice that it is 2.5um long? that is 0.0000025meter.

Technically you could probably call it a bug, but an harmless artifact of that size does not feel very important to me.

On the other side…
KiCad works internally with nanometer accuracy, and this artifact is about 2500 of KiCad’s internal units, which makes it quite strange.

I also did a quick test in V5.99, and the artifact also shows up there, but if the zone cutout is edited, it the artifact disappears.

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