It seems 5.1 might come quite soon. (Goal is to have the release by FOSDEM 2019)

Wayne just made a careful announcement over at the mailing list. It seems the goal is to merge two more major things and then have some time for testing till the first release candidate can come out. The final release is scheduled for before FOSDEM 2019:

It should be noted that python 3 support (one of the major things) is experimental and won’t be enabled by default iiuc. @pointhi to confirm.

But plugin writers already should start fixing compatibility with python 3.

As far as i understand it, it will be brought in as an option for platforms that might not support python 2 until the end of the kicad 5 lifecycle. (So that packagers can choose to select python 3 to continue python support under these platforms)

Wasn’t the Wxphoenix stuff planned for 5.1 as well? Perhaps @pointhi would know :slight_smile:

wxphoenix stuff is directly linked to python 3 support.

From what I can read here:

It doesn’t seem to be directly linked.
I was just wondering if Wxphoenix still was planned for 5.1

Python3 support should be merged soon:

This enables scripting support from commandline as well as plugins including the footprint wizard.

wxPython support seems to be only requred to get the scripting console running. I have initial patches, but those require some additional work and testing. Getting them into 5.1 is not fixed, but I hope so (at least for linux builds).

That is Waynes kiss of death on timescale :wink:


Lets see how it goes this time. Last year it was a struggle to even get out a release candidate in time for his first set goal.

Python 3 as well as wxPhoenix support is merged now.

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If I understand it correctly, it should now be possible to use python in the newer Ubuntu again? :slight_smile: I guess we should ask @jsreynaud to enable it in the nightlies so we can do some testing :slight_smile:

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