Issues with homebrew OSX installation going from 4 to 5…

I have this python script to panelize so I’m running that and typically just use “open” command line on osx to open up the panel:

~/D/e/fabrication ❯❯❯ ./
~/D/e/fabrication ❯❯❯ open ../kicad/panels/panel1.kicad_pcb
LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file /Users/viktor/Dropbox/electronics/kicad/panels/panel1.kicad_pcb.

After a few secs I get this pop up ui error:

The stack details are:

There I can see something is wrong with my osx bindings, it’s using old 4 pcbnew that’s not active. I have both 4 and 5 nighlys installed via homebrew.

I installed both kicad 4 and kicad 5 nighly via homebrew cask and the 4 installation is still on disk, but should be inactive. Somehow however, OSX has tracked the move of the 4 binaries inside the Kicad folder and kept file associations to the old 4 binary.

AND I can’t seem to change it - if I go to file -> get info and the “open with…” to point out the pcbnew under kicad 5:

I get this error:

Anyone on OSX have had similar issues? I’m not sure if my problem will be solved by purging KiCad 4 but I’m going to try that next since I’m happy with going 5.

brew doesn’t wanna remove kicad either:

~/D/e/fabrication ❯❯❯ brew cask list | grep kicad
~/D/e/fabrication ❯❯❯ brew cask remove kicad
==> Uninstalling Cask kicad
Error: It seems there is already an App Suite at '/usr/local/Caskroom/kicad/4.0.7/Kicad-apps'.

Ok, got it. The brew cask recipe’s are mutually exclusive and will overwrite each other. When doing:

brew cask remove kicad

it actually removed the kicad-nightly binaries. Just have to clean up manually and reinstall 5 at this point.

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