Issue with the save restore layout plugin

I’m using kicad 6.0.8 on windows 10.
I’m trying to use the save/restore layout plugin.

but when I try to restore the layout I get this error :
Destination hierarchy : [‘File: alim5V.kicad_sch’]
does not match source level: 'alim5V.kicad_sch

To use the plugin, I started in my source file here I have a sub sheet (alim5V.kicad_sch). In pcb new I’m selected one component and called save layout. that par worked and I have now a .pckl file.
Then in my other project : I’ve copied the file alim5v.kicad_sch. I’ve create a subsheet and linked it to my alim5V.kicad_sch file.
Then I’ve updated my PCB.
Then in pcbnew I’ve selected the same component has when I’ve save the layout. and called restore layout. And I get the error.

And now I’m stuck.

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