Issue with assigning net to pad from a footprint, Python Scripting [SOLVED]

I cannot seem to assign a net to a pad that is loaded from a footprint through python scripting.

I suspect it might be caused by netlist in module and netlist in board.

The code:
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#initialize new pad
footprint_lib = 'rlib.pretty';
mod = pcb_io.FootprintLoad(footprint_lib, "dummy pad");

#set position of via
position1 = pcbnew.wxPoint(x1,y1);
newpad = mod.GetPad(position1);

if(netname != "nonet"):
	#get list of nets
	nets = pcb_board.GetNetsByName();
	#get net that matches netname
	net = nets.find(netname).value()[1];
	#set net of via
	print("net to assign: " + str(net.GetNet()));
	print("net of newpad:" + str(newpad.GetNetCode()));

#add new pad to board

For output, I get net to assign as 3 and net of newpad as 0.

Alternatively, how can a pad be made through python scripting? I haven’t been able to figure that out.

I found a better alternative.

In the end, I just created a module, created a pad and added it to the module, then added the module to the board.

It was all done in python scripting.


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