Issue when installing KiCAD on macOS

Those in charge of the KiCAD project, particularly the macOS version, should consider registering as an ‘official’ developer for Apple.

The reason I say this is that with the protections in place on macOS, it will try to dissuade the user from running KiCAD for the first time as it is an ‘unknown’ piece of software according to Apple.

There is an easy way to sidestep this block, but the user is still presented with one final challenge question before going ahead and allowing the app to run without further objection.

Just a suggestion to the developers to resolve a minor annoyance (and which may become a bigger issue with Apple’s continued focus on OS security) - again, by registering the app with Apple in some way.

One more thing. When installing the supporting files in Application Support folder, the Readme should advise the user that it goes in \Library\Application Support, not ~\Library\Application Support (the tilde being a marker for the user’s home folder), and that they will be required to authenticate before the system will allow the folders to be copied in (the main OS folders are now read-only from the user’s perspective).

Thank you.

For the record, this forum is aimed to users, despite several devs pass by sometimes. In other words, to be considered, such a detailed report should rather be posted in the Issues section of the Gitlab repository

This is a problem in packaging, not in KiCad per se. The bug reports go here:

I would if Gitlab would let me register. :-/

What’s the problem there?

I register then get a blank screen.

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