Issue to create VRML export [solved]


I have some trouble to export in VRML file. I have an error message “I&DF export error basic_ios::clear”
I’m on the windows version, 5639.


Hmm, that looks strange. Can you please report it as a bug on the launchpad bug tracker to get it tracked there instead?

It’s done. Do you know another way to export PCB to 3D cad like “Freecad” for exemple?


Use the IDF exporter.

I find the solution, it’s only the path where the file is save. My design folder is on a server, and kicad failed to save the export there.
I just need to save the export on my disk…

If you want to check mechanical fit then I suggest you use the IDF exporter as nickoe has already suggested. This gives you exact dimensions for the board; the VRML exporter only gives approximate dimensions for the board outline (though this may not be so bad; perhaps only -0,+0.2mm if you don’t make changes to the default line thickness of the outline drawing) and the VRML models are in no way guaranteed to match the physical dimensions of components.