Issue on migrate pcbnew from BZR4011 to V4.0.5

my first PCB was made with kicad BZR3256
a new update of this pcb was made with BZR4011
and now I had upddate kicad to V4.0.5
“file”.kicad_pcb can’t be read:
following an error:
error loading PCB
IO_ERROR la couche ‘Dessus.Adhes’
in file … line 21 isn’t in list predefined of:
C:/Jenkins/workspace/windows-kicad-msys2-stable/src/kicad/pcbnew/pcb_parser.cpp : parseLayers() : line 894

the modification of this line in a text editor will generate an other issue

There are a couple of ways to solve this. The simplest is to load the board in BZR4011, set language to English, then save the board.

You could also edit the board file in a text editor, and change all the names of non-copper layers to English.

ETA: there is some more detail here

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I remember some discussion over whether it was the Right Way for us to handle this automatically in 4.0. I don’t remember what the argument was for why it was decided not to do that, but I’m disappointed.