Isolation zone around a ground pad

Hello everyone,
As a beginner with Kicad, I have a question concerning the drawing of exclusion zones around a pad in the ground area.
I drew this circular area with the “circle” tool. It seems to work, but when I zoom in I see two concentric circles inside this area.


I don’t understand these two circles. Did I use the right method?
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Here is the appearance of the area with the 3D rendering:

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it’s not clear what you’re trying to achieve

the thin line around a pad is the clearance (it will always be thin even if you zoom-in)

from your 2nd picture it looks like you’ve drawn a circle on the copper layer

if you need to isolate a pad from a fill zone on the same net - use a keepout zone perhaps

the two circles in your first picture are outlines of a circle because

if you need to isolate a pad from a fill zone on the same net - use a keepout zone perhaps

I think this advice is the way to go.
As you can’t draw a circular keepout-zone (Rule Area) directly: select your already existing circle → RMB-click–>context-menu → create from selection–> create Rule-Area from selection.
In the creation-dialog choose the layers and the elements for the keepout-zone. In your case most probably only select “keep out copper fills”.

Try to explain us what you are really going to get.
As I see your pad has GNDPWR net. That suggest that it is connected with something that you can call ground. Do the zone has also the same net and you want that pad to be not connected with that zone?!!
May be what are you looking for is simply clearance setting in zone parameters.

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Hello everyone,
And first of all, thank you for your contributions, I finally got through it.
The first difficulty was to find my initial circles and to delete them. To do this, I had to do view/drawing mode/draw zone outlines to be able to delete them.
Then draw a circle and RMB/create from selection/create Rule-Area from selection and all is well.
The only small difficulty is setting up the circle to get the expected diameter of the forbidden area.


Thanks again,


  1. Select a pad of a footprint by clicking on it.
  2. Press e to edit the pad properties.
  3. In the tab page Clearance Overrides and Settings, set the clearance you want to the value you want. Here I set the Pad Clearance to 3mm.
  4. Press [OK] to accept and exit the menu, then press b to recalculate zone boundaries.

The result:

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