Isolation problems

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I got on my card an isolation of 0.65mm but there is somewhere my pads are too close and i wanted to know if their are easy solution or i have to create an other class just for this components ? (I can’t create wire without conception rules ? )

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Can you paste your project or at least the .kicad_pcb file here?

First order of business for you: Check if your intended manufacturer can even produce to the tolerances required by this footprint. If not either switch manufacturer or select a different package of the same component (if available) or an alternative component available in a package that you can use.

As part of this setup the clearance rules of kicad to fit your manufacturer. The net clearance seems a bit large as you use it now. (all of this is setup in file -> board setup. Be aware that every entry in the tree view is connected to a dialog. Even the entries that have stuff below them!)

I am not sure how the design files would help here. Do you intent to do the users work of setting up DRC to an as of yet unspecified manufacturer?

My manufacturer can produce that tolerances. So i have to change the board setup for every pads of the components ? i can’t just make this wire without rules ? Cause, yes, the clearance for this component isn’t adequate I don’t understand this sentence :

What do you mean ?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

I got an other question about clearance : i would like to change the clearance of just a part of a wire : image
Do you know if it’s possible ?

Thank you

It’s not possible, you have to use two net ties and another net between them if you want to do that.

Ok Thank you :smiley:

It is easy to look at tree as at menu - the action is only at the lower level positions. If you do that and select only the lower level positions you will not see dialogs with some settings connected with higher ‘menu’ positions in tree.

I think it is the source of problems. Why you set it so big. I typically use the clearance of 8mils (0,2mm), and sometimes 7 or even 6 mils.

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