Isolation in design rules

Ho all ,
I have a big problem with isolation. Because i realized that isolation select is Too small.
In change the Value in clearance is non possible move Any wire. How can i do?
In possible set different isolation between track to track. and track to vias and vias to vias.

Is not there anyone who can answer me?
Possible that if I want to increase the isolation between the tracks can not be done because otherwise I can not move them anymore?

Change the Interactive Router Settings (temporarily). Choose Allow DRC violations and Highlight collisions mode. Then you can move the wires even though they are inside each other’s clearance areas.

(I suppose you use 5.0 and the modern, default canvas and toolset.)


I’m assuming you are a non-native English speaker? What is your native language. On occasion there is someone around that is willing to offer help if they know the language.

I’m not clear on what you want to do exactly. You seem to know what clearances are and how to change them so maybe a screen shot of what you mean might help.

EDIT: eelik answered as I was forming this answer.

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Keep out zones are useful for enforcing safety barriers.

Yes, Kicad 5.02.
Thanks eelik.

thanks, this solves my problem of poor isolation between the tracks.

I have to do what you say, then increase the isolation between the tracks, and move them all one by one.
Done this rehabilitated the “shove” and DRC controll.


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