Isolated power nets in hierarchical schematics?



I have a design that has 12 separately-isolated input signal conditioners. This involves creating galvanic isolation of each of the input conditioners from all of the others and from the main processor. I will accomplish this with 12 isolated power supplies, one for each isolated signal conditioners.

I am having trouble drawing the schematic in EEschema. Since all signal conditioners are the same, I want to create a single sheet for the conditioner design and refer to it from each of the conditioner instance sheets. However, this means that the power nets are connected together.

Is there any way to name a net with the name as given on the conditioner-design sheet to which an instance number is automatically appended? My only alternative to this is to name no nets and use no power nets (no power symbols or ground symbols) on the conditioner-design sheet. This makes the sheet very hard to read.

Suggestions, please?

Thank you,



Use hierarchical pins or local lables inside of hierarchical sheets. Both of these will be uniquely named automatically no matter how often you instantiate the sheet. (They are prefixed with the full sheet path)


Eh yes, afaik the power symbols under the hood are ‘just’ global labels, so you won’t get them to behave the way you want.
@Rene_Poschl gave you all the options there are in KiCAD.