Island polygon connection

Hi all
I m confused by connecting via in polygon
I wanna connect a ground island to the ground plane
As I use via it makes a clearance around it an not allowd me to connect the top ground island to the bottom ground plane please help me tx

In kicad traces are not assigned to a net by them selves. They take the net of the “nearest” pad they are connected to.
Similarly with vias. They take the net of the trace they are connected to.
More details can be found under: Issues related to zones and nets

What you try to achieve is similar to the requirements for via stitching. Read this topic to learn how you can achieve this in kicad version 4: Protip: nicer via stitching

I think kicad version 5 will come with native support for stitching vias. I am not sure if they will also work to connect a via from a zone to a trace or if they require two zones.

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Thanks Rene for your great help :tulip::tulip:

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I think they work in every situation when the zone is attached to a net and can be filled. The latter requirement may sound a bit strange but a zone can’t always be filled. It must first be e.g. attached to a net with a track. Then a via put on the zone is automatically connected to the net and connects two zones if those zones are in the same net.

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