Island of copper pours within a lake of copper pour

I have a GND layer w/ a ground copper pour across the entire board’s back side. Mounted on the back is an LDO w/ a couple of 3.3V pads and a decoupling capacitor placed up against it. I’d like to have a nice 3.3V copper pour island in my lake of GND, but the PCB rules checker isn’t happy about it. I was hoping that the PCB Editor would wrap my 3.3V copper pour with a nice clearance band like it does for non-GND pads and vias, but no such luck. Is there a way to go about specifying my 3.3V copper pour island?

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Did you set your 3.3V’s zone priority higher than that of the GND zone? Only then is it ‘carved out’ and DRC happy.


Whoot, whoot! That did it. Many thanks!


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