Is V7 coming soon?

Because V6 needed to change PC from Win7 to Win10 it took me some time to move to V6. I spend only one day working with V6 (very small PCB with 16 elements on it (most of them 100nF)).
Today I got 19 mails telling that Bug number … changed status. I remember such ‘action’ just before V6 release.
Should we expect V7 soon?
If yes than probably V6 will be the version used by me for the shortest time :slight_smile:

Probably not. I think ‘yearly’ release is now the goal. So, end of year?

Ignore any emails sent from the Launchpad bug tracker.

The project moved from Launchpad and stopped using the tracker, and so we had a bot go through and mark issues with their new GitLab issue number if they were imported, and also mark them as “expired” since we no longer were using the tracker. Except now the people at Launchpad have decided to screw that all up and go through automatically assigning every bug with a link to the GitLab issue and changing its status. There was no prior communication from anyone at Launchpad that was going to happen, and it has been really annoying (I have gotten probably 500 emails due to these changes in the last day).


For reference, the posted release schedule lists January 31st as the release date for each annual release (beginning with V6). Stable Release Policy | Developer Documentation | KiCad