Is V or change layer with VIA now better?

Because there is no autorouter, I have to do some mouse agility. With older versions, it didn’t really work, but now V seems to work every time.

For me it has always worked, but there has to be enough room to place the via, that means both sides of the PCB need an overlapping empty area that is big enough for the via and clearance.

Maybe it was something like that. My former Cad could move tracks to get space for new tracks.

KiCad also does that by default, but there still has to be room for those tracks to move to.

Why do you mention Former? For KiCad the setting is in: PCB Editor / Route / Interactive Router Settings / Mode: Shove

I tried V with my board and with some (=one) track it worked well, I got a VIA and routing continued on the other layer. But with an other track I got only a VIA, and layer did not change. There was enoughroom in both cases.

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