Is this a regression to an old lib symbol?

A few days ago I put a 4066 in a schematic. (2018-05-13 according to file date).
Today I opened the schematic and I got the dreaded “project rescue helper” popup.
My KiCad V4.0.6 on my linux box is probably still configured to pull the lib’s from github.
(Have to change that some day…)
Search for the differences:

If I click “cancel” the 4066 grows bigger and does not fit anymore between it’s connection points.
If I click “OK” the resque lib is created with my old symbols.

I do not like it much when library symbols become bigger. I like small symbols.
Only relevant part I could find in the KLC was the length of the pins, and they were 100mil in the cached part which conform to the KLC. The new “libary” part has 200mil long pins, which extend into the symbol body.
I do not like it that the outside of the pin connections change with no apparent sensible reason.

I wonder sometimes how many of all those symbols are generated by schripts, and how many by human hands * mouse manipulation…

The Library Part is more readable; the Cached Part is missing the “wire” connection to the switch contacts.

So long as the “box” is the same size, and the new symbol’s pins line up with the 100mill grid, I think the new library symbol is an upgrade (even if it does create an annoyance for you on this project).

Te (yellow) box outline seems is the same and both symbols fit on the 100mill grid.
The new symbol is however 100mill wider and dislodges the wires from the symbol pins.
Extending the pins to the inside is OK, it makes them connect to the switch.
But there is no reason whatsowever to move the “activation” points of the pins.
And by making the symbol wider it’s usability is reduced (slightly).

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That depends.

If Pull up/down resistors are going to be attached to one/both of the ends then that R can be attached directly to the switch, no extra wiring drawing needed.

Flip a coin, one might work better this time, the other might work better next time.

Not really.
If I want a wire I can draw it myself in the length I want.
Now I have an increased minimum length for no apparent reason.
I also always tend to draw wires between symbols as a habit.
It seems to save time while changing a schematic and dragging stuff around.
I do not like it when a 2nd component gets dragged around when I want to drag a single component.
A 3rd attached component does not get dragged even if the pins attechment points are the same.
It’s just one of the many small things in KiCad (or in any other Schematics/PCB program I’ve used).
They all have stuff to complain about, but KiCad is still the best I’ve used in my 20+ years of occasional schematic / pcb drawing, and it is being improved in a rapid tempo.
Hail to all KiCad developers.

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Only footprint libs can use the github plugin.

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