Is this a bug in PcbNew or it's in my system?


Hello all, :slight_smile: First post here…

I am getting my way around PcbNew pretty well now but right not I am experiencing something very annoying!
As the title said, it might be my computer (win10) or it might be a bug in kicad but before posting a bug report I would like to check with the community.
Here goes…
I understand how works the right panel where I can select the layers to be viewed and rendered. In this case I am making a board with only Fcu and Bcu layers.
When I press + or - the checked layers will change for the upper or lower layer even if I am not using the intermediate layers.
So far that is fine…
BUT, when I am routing a net, if I wrongly press+ instead of -, or vice-versa, the check mark will go on one of the inner layer and will stay there, the + or - command does not work anymore!
The only way to get out of this state is to hit the escape key, which will clear the tracks that I was routing. Then I can move the check mark again as usual, and retrace the net.
The system is not frozen, it’s just this command (switch layer) that seems to be buggy.

Any one with an idea?
Thanks, Luc


Hi Luc,

Go into Setup > Layers and set the board to 2 layers. I can’t remember exactly where it is in 5.0 so you might have to hunt around for it a little…



Hey thank you Jeff!
I am using V4 on this project as I started the project in this version a few months ago and you know like me that it is not always a good idea to change version of a major software tool project in the middle!! :slight_smile:
But I will give this a try tomorrow when I get back to the office!
Thanks, Luc


Hello Jeff :slight_smile: I did what you recommended and it works perfectly now!
I can flip from top or bottom by using the + or the - as it does’nt make any difference now.

Thank you very much my friend.

Sincerely, Luc


Just FYI, PgUp and PgDown always select top/bottom layers.


Hello bobc, thak you for this tip! :slight_smile:
I’ve just tried it and of course it works!

Thanks, Luc