Is this a bug in pad numbering in the Footprint Editor?

Because of: Copy items between layers I experimented a bit with creating an array of pads in a footprint, and the numbering confuses me. Therefore I post here (first) instead of creating an issue on Gitlab.

For example.

  1. Create a new footprint.

  2. Place a pad in it.

  3. Change the pad number to 42.

  4. Right click the pad and select the “Create Array” entry from the popup menu.

  5. Then create an array of pads (Either row or column) and select: "Initial Pad Number: (*) From start value"

The result is a column of pads numbered 1 to 5:

The result I expected was to have pads numbered 42 through 46.
Is this a bug, or am I misinterpreting that dialog in some way?

I have verified this both in V5.1.9 and in Version: 5.99.0-unknown-56f6e7cc17~117~ubuntu20.04.1, release build

With “start from start value” it means it starts from the value that you enter in the text field near the bottom (next to the text “Pad numbering start”). If you enter 42 there then it should do what you expect.

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Thank you very much.
I completely skipped over those entry boxes.

With these entries:

I get pads 42B through 44F

So it was silly me after all.
With a bit more experimenting, I even managed to get the rows numbered 42 through 46, and the columns “F”, “G”, “H” with these settings:


I still do find the “Primary axis numbering” and “Secondary axis numbering” a bit confusing related to “Numbering Direction” Horizontal versus Vertical thing, but I expect it works as intended.


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