Is there some GitHub plugin?


Searching on the forum, I found no answers… Is there somewhere a plugin (even experimental) that can deal with GitHub from within KiCad for projects/libraries sharing, the way it can be done from IDEs ?

What did your search look like?
This finds plenty of results:

One of the most relevant answers is probably:

There was a time that KiCad could interact directly with libraries via git but it was very slow and unpopular, especially with people with slow internet connections.

I think OP is asking for general git integration which many mistakenly call “Github”.

Yes, I did a search that brings answers like :
“nightly doesn’t even have github plugin anymore”
“The github plugin is apparently disabled”
“Nobody admitted using github plugin, so it was removed”
“We dropped the support for the github plugin for the official lib”
“The github plugin only “works” for footprints”
and so on…
And answers are outdated.

I was thinking of something similar to this (Git, not GitHub) :


Indeed, it was removed some years ago :slight_smile:

Then your thoughts are not reflected very well in the title of this thread.

But there currently is not integration with GIT build into KiCad at all.
A few months ago a feature request was added to the issue list on gitlab though:

Why add complexity to Kicad when there are many git clients available?