Is there anyway to offset the PCB layer view when printing it for more economical use of transparencies

I tend to etch my own PCBs, at least for the first few attempts to iron out issues and get stuff working right. So with that in mind, is there any easy way to just offset the actual print file? I want to put the PCB layout on one side, the solder resist pad on the other side, and have another PCB on the other half of the transparency, cutting down 4 A4 sheets down to just one, without messing with the scaling as I found when I tried to export as a PDF and then adding the images to a single sheet since there is plenty of room for one than 1 PCB

Copy / Paste works.

Create a new empty project.
When you have finalized your board, create a selection of the whole board then copy.
Open your new empty project and paste into the PCB.

Repeat as desired with other projects.
You can also place two copies if you wish, in case your toner is a bit thin and you wish to double up your masks.

Make sure you use the same grid setting for all the drawings.

Plotting to .SVG format and post processing in a graphics program may be an option.
I am also curious where the .PDF scaling is an issue. .PDF can be accurate, but often there is a “fit to page” or similar somewhere in the printer driver settings.

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