Is there any Ubuntu PPA for Kicad 5.* nightly?


Is there any Ubuntu PPA for Kicad 5.* nightly?
I would like to use/test version 5.1.2 with the latest fix/commits

The Nightly Development Builds refer to a version 6.*


Maybe I was not that good asking the question.

I use Kicad 5.1.2 regularly.

But I want to use something like > 5.2.1

I am looking something that is not stable but with fixes for issues that 5.1.2 has.


As far as I know, there is not a PPA for 5.1 branch nightlies.


I think that you mean pre-5.1.3
There is no plan for any 5.2.x

Windows pre-5.1.3 is a useful improvement on 5.1.2, several nice bug fixes. Unfortunately there isn’t a PPA yet


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I really hope this will make it to PPA.
Hopefully this could help preventing critical bug-fix-introduced bugs making it in to stable releases


I don’t care about the numbers or how the version numbers are being generated. What I meant is I want something to use and test that has fixes for issues found in 5.1.2 (or even better, for issues addressed on the current stable release). Anything that fixes issues (mostly on usability) but don’t include new features that break/changes files/formats and other important aspects of the software architecture.


Yeap, that is what I want. So, how can we make this happen?


If you have the skillset, setup a PPA with the build you need.
If not you can join my position of hoping Jean Samuel (KiCad Ubuntu PPA maintainer) will have some time to do it at some point.
Please keep in mind people are doing this stuff in their spare/free time.

In the meantime, any ideas for a good name?
Currently we have “KiCad” and “KiCad Nightly”.
Im thinking “KiCad RC” or something. “KiCad Stable Nightly” doesn’t sound right :stuck_out_tongue:


You can just compile one yourself. It’s fairly simple on linux.


I emailed Jean-Samuel about this, maybe he’ll be able to re-activate the 5.0 branch nightly PPA pointing at the 5.1 branch now.


Awesome @craftyjon thank you for that.


Hi All,

I had reactivate the old PPA (was used for 5.0 branch nightly build). Now It’s building 5.1 branch (dev branch):


Thanks JS
will this replace Kicad stable or is it possible to run both simultaniously?


It replace stable.
You can have 5.1 nightly with master nightly in same time but not 5.1.2 with 5.1 nightly in same time…


Pre 5.1.3 has been really stable. Obviously something might go wrong, but fairly unlikely.
If you cannot risk this, stick to 5.1.2 with known crashes and wait a few weeks for 5.1.3 formal release


^^^ this is exactly why I tend to run nightlies.



it doesnt seem to have a 19.04 package :slight_smile:


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