Is there any option for selected area printing in Schematic?

I’m new a KiCAD. Looking for schematic print for selected or marked area only.
Is there any option for doing this in KiCAD?

I don’t print much, but as far as I know KiCad always prints the whole page.
So one way is to: Schematic Editor / File / Page Settings and then set Size to Custom. After that you can change the paper size.

KiCad’s schematic editor does have several ways to produce output. Apart from Print, you can also use the Plot menu entry just below that to generate a file in one of several formats (Postscript, PDF, SVG, DXF or HPGL) and you can post process the data in some other program.

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I can’t find a way with Kicad or a printer/plotter.

Possibly easiest to make a screen grab of the section in question, then print that?

Would copy and paste into a standalone work?

It there any way?

I haven’t had much chance to actually use the software for a couple of years so I just tried it. I opened up eeschema standalone and pasted there.


If you want to use another (standalone) instance of the Schematic editor, then use “Paste Special” to preserve the reference designators.