Is there a way to panelize 3 different designs in KiCAD

I have 3 different small PCBs which I want to panelise. I watched Stephen Hawes tutorial on youtube and he only did it with a single PCB design. How do I include 3 different designs for panelization?

Hello and welcome @niteshglx .

Kicad does not panelize, however there is a Kicad Plugin called
KiKit that may be of use (see Plugin and Content Manager).

KiKit will work for Kicad 6 but I do not know if it will work for Kicad 7 yet.

I did look at KiKit and it doesn’t have the option directly. It requires some python scripting to get it working. Is it possible I can export it like a design block in eagle and use that?

Sorry, never used Eagle so unfamiliar with your idea.


Just copy & paste the different PCB’s into one PCB and draw the Edge_Cut as needed.

The specific’s on the shape will depend on who is making the PCB. JLPCB has info here (scroll down to Panelization))

Example to give the idea…

There are external tool to panelize previously exported gerber files.
This is one of kind kind of tools, but there is a few more available:

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