Is there a way to deselect Libraries all at once or at least in groups?

When I start a schematic or PCB I’m faces with a bazillion libraries, all default to active. Is there a way to deActivate libraries by group or have them all default to not active?


The quickest method is probably to unset the active flag for one by clicking on it, and then alternately use the arrow down key and the spacebar.

En/dis-abling a library is much quicker then even the time you need to read the library name. There is hardly anything to gain by trying to automate this.


Thank you.

Regarding time spent finding another way… It’s always a good idea to seek help from those who know.

It looks like you are using 5.99 (the development nighties), so you should be able to multi-select the rows in the table and toggle an entire selection at a time.