Is there a teardrop plugin that works with KiCad 5.99?

I am looking for a way to use teardrops with KiCad 5.99 (reason for teardrops: reduction of mechanical stress in the area where traces meet the annular ring of a PTH). In KiCad 5.1.8 I did use an external plugin called Teardrops v.0.4.11:

This plugin does not work in 5.99 yet. Has anyone found a way to use teardrops in KiCad 5.99?

i’m also looking :frowning:
as I understand it, the author of the plugin is waiting for the RC of v6. I understand why because the python API is one of the things that is potentially still in flux and thus any writing will result in a rewrite.

I wonder how hard it would be to produce an interim version. Not making use of all the new shiny features that v6 will offer and certainly not all the things this great plugin does or plans todo, but enough to produce such teardrops

Unfortuantely such an interim version is way above what I am capable off. And the thing about KiCad 5.99 is that once you have tasted 5.99 you cannot go back to 5.1.8. :wink:


I agree, that where I am right now with a need to spin a new PCB up knowing what 5.99 offers which were annoying/impossible to manage via 5.1.x

I have aspects of the plugin working, UI pops up now but now it’s getting to the major changes :frowning: I’ll keep poking at this to get a CRUDE solution working

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Well, let me know when you are in need of a teardop guinea pig. :slight_smile:

kicad 5.99 teardrops:


@HAYDEN it would be nice to merge the changes in @Niluje plugin or adding a branch in there for kv5.99

The author is not me

ok, thank for let us know of the repo … it seems to work just fine in k v5.99
I pinged Niluje to see if the porting can be merged in a dev branch

Works really well and I know Niluje wanted to explore some additional feature going forward so this is a good interim.

This repo also has a BGA fanout, it has some quirks but it does work (1st one in a long time) and the quirk appears around an anticipated numbering regex and thus is simple to amend

Probably your fabricator will add them FOC is you allow or ask him. It is also to his benefit.

unfortunately this commit is breacking the plugin again
here a solution:
Issue #2: The new version cannot be used
and a solution for the:
Issue #3: [bug] plugin keeps KiCad running in the background

Hi all,
I just imported beanjs changes to a V5.99/V6RC branch.
Feel free to test it if you want.

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