Is there a script which generates terminal block footprints?

The KiCad library FAQ says “Many files in the KiCad library are generated from script sources.”

Where can I find those scripts? In particular, I’m wondering if the terminal block footprints were generated by a script. I need a terminal block which isn’t currently in the library, and if there is a script that generates them, that would make it easier.


I don’t know about those particular footprints (they may have come from but you could look in for generator scripts.


I created a script for generating terminal block footprints by running one of the existing footprints through footprint-to-script and then doing manual edits to clean it up, parameterize it, and make it KLC-compliant.

Are there any scripts for generating schematic library symbols? Or are there only scripts for generating footprints?

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There are some symbol scripts among the tools listed here …