Is there a plugin to create pinout PDF files?


Hello everyone.

I tried the search function in the forum and googled this, but didn’t find anything obvious… I am looking for a way to create PDF files with the pinouts of my projects, similar to the ones you can find on PIGHIXXX. Does anyone know of any (python or other) plugins for KiCad? They don’t need to be feature-complete or even end version releases; I just want to see if anyone did any work already…



In the current KLC, this type of information is documented on the “Fab” layers. You may “Plot” just that layer to a *.PDF document. (It will not have the tutti-fruiti colors shown on the web page you linked.)

Of course, you may also customize other layers (such as ECOx, DWGS, Cmts, etc) with exactly the information you want to present.



There is at least a project to create the pcb representation: of such a pinout document


I wrote a standalone tool in C# to generate pinout diagrams, but it doesn’t integrate at all with KiCad, and it only creates PNG. I can see how a plugin could get an image of the assembled board, I can’t see how it would determine which pins are intended for external description or what their description should be.

Achieving an aesthetically pleasing presentation seems to require human level intelligence anyway, so it’s better to create an SVG in a suitable editor.


Nice tool.

Only drawback i can see is that this needs another type of library. (footprints must exist in svg format as far as i can tell.)

Maybe an easier option is rendering the board from exactly using the 3d viewer. This might do the trick without needing to make another lib.


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