Is there a plan for cmd interface for Kicad 5.99 to convert the schematics to svg?


I think I’ve seen some similar topics before for KiCAD 5, but not for an upcoming version.

Is there a way for batch conversion of KiCad schematics to svg image? Or, at least, command-line options to run something like this:

eeschema schematics_filename.kicad_sch --plot \
--plot-format svg \
--no-title-borders \
--output-folder ./svg/

Are there any plans to implement such functionality in the future?

My “reasoning” for such a feature request is that I’m a beginner hobbyist and collecting the schematics/concepts for further use. I started to keep my records in GitHub repo with remarks on topic and all schematics I redraw with KiCad for further use within a GitHub Markdown file as svg.
So, I would be just convenient to be able to run a script to process all changed schematics.



At the moment there is no “decent” command line interface in KiCad and there also won’t be in short term future. There is also no scripting interface for Eeschema in kicad-nightly V5.99.

It has been given some thought though and I think it’s on the roadmap for KiCad V7.

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soon ™


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I too would love to see a python API for Eeschema. Is it really not going to be in the v6 release? :cry:

The first KiCad V5 was released on 2018-07-22:

Which is now almost 3 years ago and I would be happy when KiCad-nightly V5.99 is debugged to a point that it can be released as KiCad V6. To get to this point, KiCad-nightly is already in feature freeze for some time. I am not very familiar with which features will or will not get it into KiCad V6.

soon ™ does not mean no, it means Valve Time.

It also means the v6 release is on valve time.

I don’t know of any other software developing in such a speed as KiCAD does. It’s quite phenomenal. Speed is very relative :wink:

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