Is there a global replace for symbol types?

Hi again guys. You’ve solved one problem today how about trying for 2 for 2?

I’m on Ver:7.0.7 now thanks to your advice with Ver:6 removed. I am successfully accessing my existing project and this query has an easier answer I suspect.

My existing schematic is based on resistors from Device:R-Small which seemed to be the only suitable THT resistor I could find at the time. This symbol has no footprint attached, nor can it have one added as it is in the system owned directories and is read only. I have created my own resistor library thanks to your advice and have copied it to there, renamed it and added the correct footprint. It works and can be added as a new symbol.

Is there a “global replace” procedure to update all of the schematic’s resistors currently laid down to use my own symbol rather than their current Device:R-Small? I promise, I have looked hard for an answer to this and can’t find anything which seems to solve it.

I should say I have found the “Update Symbols Matching Library Identifier” and can select them all based on Device:R_Small but I can’t see a way to tell the system what I want them to change to. It seems to only want to update with a newer version of the same symbol.

yes, there is. look harder :slight_smile:

(right click-> change symbol)

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:confounded: How could anyone miss that Claudio? It says exactly what I was asking for. Don’t you just hate it when you do something stupid and someone comes along and makes you look a real fool by pointing it out? :laughing: Thanks for putting me straight. I said it would be an easy fix.

…don’t worry, it took me some try to find it myself. :slight_smile:

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Look on the bright side @Bordonbert

Such quick and informative answers to your questions makes the regular contributors look and feel good! :rofl:

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. . . and for future you when you have forgotten this info . . .


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Where is the emoji for blowing a huge raspberry at people when you need it? :rofl:

I really have to say that these problems, while frustrating to start with, pale into insignificance when you get to the point of laying out a PCB and you see how quickly and accurately KiCad does things. Within one day I was relaying a previous large and critical PCB with Kicad. What previously took me weeks of laying and trimming was achieved in two days, and that was completely manually. And the ground plane functionality… WOW! I had problems with conflicting nets when I started but great advice from the guys here sorted it out, just as today.

I’m used to massaging a very old version of Proteus, (a VERY old version), which I have had for decades. It is fine for me usually but that was until I could see how things have moved on past that. I would have been happy to update that but when I looked at the licence fees… :dizzy_face: I’ll be sure to donate when I’ve got to grips with KiCad. If only more stuff in the world was driven this way.