Is there a DB44 Symbol?

Hey Guys,

I’m new to KiCad, so this may be a simple question for you. But I’m currently searching a DB44 Symbol, I searched in the library, on the internet, but I haven’t found it.

Can anyone of you help me?

Thanks in advance

Please at least provide a link to the datasheet of your component.

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Male or female connector? After searching for 75 seconds . . . . no, that symbol doesn’t seem to be in the standard library. Nor do I see it in the “smisioto” library at KiCAD Electronic CAD Libraries .

Congratulations! You have discovered an ideal situation for teaching yourself how to make a schematic symbol in KiCAD!

Hint: Start with an existing symbol and modify it (i.e., add or delete pins as needed) until it meets your needs. A symbol from KiCAD’s current standard libraries is a good starting point, because it is KLC-compliant, though the “smisioto” library contains 37-pin and 50-pin examples that are close to what you require.

An hour from now you can throw a party for all of us here on the Forum, to celebrate your newly acquired talent! :beers: :beers: :balloon: :tada: :kiss: :trophy: :clap: :rainbow: :pizza: :beers: :beers:



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