Is there a 78M05 Voltage Regulator Schematic on KiCad?


I want to work on a L298 motor driver and I have the schematic but I see there is no L298 dual h-bridge driver for this attempt.

Well, I did type up L298 on the forum. I will check the software soon (KiCad). I will also check the Digi-Key update I made to the KiCad software.


P.S. If you have worked on the L298N or L298P dual h-bridge driver w/ a board in mind, please attempt to contact me. I would really appreciate it. Until then, I am off to try to find a bunch of resources.


I am very sorry. I just found out about what to call it. L298N on the Digi-Key .lib Library documentation.


P.S. Sorry for this post.

Hello Again,

I got the L298N initialized on the schematic w/ the BBB (BeagleBone Black) but now I need to figure out something. There is a 78M05 voltage regulator. I know it would suffice to just add another voltage regulator but I want to get this correct.

I found two in the Digi-Key library on KiCad that has similar attributes to the 78M05, e.g. the L7805CV. I will check Digi-Key’s forum on this one but if you know of another name for this V reg, please let me know.


This forum exists as a support for KiCAD first and foremost, this means answers to other questions will take way longer or come never.
If you have circuit design problems there are better suited forums, electronics stack exchange for example.

Also if follow-up questions have nearly no bearing on the original title of the topic it’s a good idea to start a new one with an appropriate title, otherwise people who might know an answer will not find the question.

PS: I changed the title to fit the first question.


It is a deal. I actually found the L298N schematic from the addition of the Digi-Key library. I am on the hunt for specific voltage regulators now, i.e. 78M05.


P.S. I found some that are similar but I am not quite sure on the labeling from Digi-Key and their library. Thank you for the input. I will keep the questions limited unless directly associating them w/ the KiCad software. Please forgive me.

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