Is rigid flex suport not part of version 6 roadmap?

I don’t see the Flexi-rigid support in that list

That’s worth of a new discussion. Hatched zones are already implemented, teardrops and rounded traces have been scheduled for v6. What else is missing?

Could someone with priviledges move this to a new thread?

I was discussed recently here

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The linked roadmap is for V6 only. We’ll continue to develop roadmaps for future versions as we make progress on development, but it doesn’t make as much sense to guess at when a particular feature will appear far in the future, only to be wrong later. Rigid-flex support is a known feature request, but hasn’t been targeted at a release yet. It’s a big job, and we haven’t even started developing a specification for it.

If we added every new feature request to the V6 roadmap, V6 would never come out :slight_smile:

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I first ran into the limitations of KiCad board stacking in V4

I find several references that flex-rigid should use ODB+, but all of these seem to originate from Altium

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