Is pin name important?

I know if pin number in symbol will attach to pad number in footprint.
However, is pin name is important too?
For erc? Simulator?

What if I have same pin name for several pins, like USB C.
Or no name (how to have no name) like Op Amp output,?


Not relevant, except when drawing the schematic. It makes no sense to invent new names. Just stick with the manufactures names and avoid confusions.

Ok, thanks.
So I can have several pin with same name. Example: Quad opamp TL084, I can have 4 pins with name “+” for inputs, and 4 pins with empty name for outputs. Since the op-amp symbol itself will show the output.

That’s correct.
The goal of a good schematic is so that someone else can come along and figure out what the built board was meant to do for servicing etc

I’d like to see a dataseet that follows this kind of obfuscation.
But you are free to number your pins in octal, as long as you design your own footprints. :slight_smile:

Try to search TL084 by texas instrument. It shows one opamp symbols and says if that is the symbol per opamp.


Same named pins are OK. Pin numbers and individual opamps have different identification. See above. U2C & U2D

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