Is macOS kicad signed?

I’m downloading from Third Party Mirrors. Downloading from official website is too slow i.e. 80kbps

When I open the kicad in macOS, it says
“kicad” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

Is “kicad” signed? If not, what’s the SHA checksum?


I don’t mind running unsigned code, but at least let us know the SHA checksum. Never know if the mirror links are compromised.

On the Windows download page, the SHA checksum is published. But not in macOS download page.

You could file a bug report for kicad-mac-builder and/or the web page.

The situation of Mac packaging is problematic. There are bugs and problems but not enough manpower.

This forum is by end users for end users, so your request doesn’t reach the intended audience here.

I posted md5 sums here if you trust a rando on this forum

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