Is it serious Error?

Dear All.


when i update from eeschema to PCBnew in kicad, eeschema occurs below error.

"Errors occurred during the netlist update. Unless you fix them your board will not be consistent with the schematics."

But, i don’t know why this error occurs…and PCBnew is updated.

What i check in eeschema? in PCBnew?

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The errors are listed in the dialog, so what are they?

There is even a “SAVE” button lower right of the dialog box to keep the report

report.txt (30.2 KB)

OH…Thanks…i saved report…

But…Too many List…-_-;;

I Don’t know why occurs Errors…

There’s only one error.

Error: Cannot add BT1 (footprint "X" not found).

You have symbol BT1 and its footprint is defined as “X”. It’s not a valid footprint, of course.

I don’t see many errors.
A lot of of unconnected pins, especially on M1

Have a closer look at “report.txt”.
It’s over 500 lines long, but almost all are messages about what KiCad is doing. There is only a single error (About BT1, that davidrsb mentioned) in that file.


Yes BT1 is CR2032 Battery…

I Designed CR2032 Holder and designed CR2032 battery For BOM only…

i deleted it, and didnt occur Error…-_-;;;



I saw error report firstly…


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