Is it possible to suppress the ground 'wires' in a ratsnest?

Having the grounds hidden would help immensely during the initial parts of a layout. Was wondering if it was possible.


It will be in 6.0 and is already in the nightly builds, but not in 5.1.

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The work around is to add a ground plane.

I.e. add an extra inner copper layer to which all gnd pads are connected. But this works satisfactorily only with THT pads; otherwise you have to add a via to each pad and it kind of defeats the purpose of making things easier.

No. Not the extra inner layer but GND zone at top layer, and frequently use ‘B’ key to hide GND lines. I am placing such zone much, much bigger then my pcb.
The other work around I used was manual deleting the GND net (means deleting one block of lines) in netlist file and loading that netlist to pcbnew.

I’m no good with writing scripts myself,
How much effort would it be to write a script to delete a named net from within Pcbnew?

Bit of searching later:

When you’re done with the initial component placement, you of course simply reload a complete netlist from Eeschema.

Thank you

I’m using the nightlys where might I find it?

Found it … thanks


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