Is it possible to replace and update symbols in a schematic?

Hi folks,

I’d like to, for example. change all the resistors in my schematic from just R to R0805. That way, with the R0805 symbol I have created with an associated 0805 footprint, it’s much easier when I want to go from schematic to PCB. Want to do the same with C to CC0805 and so on as I gradually make better and better libraries.

How do I do this please? In my “old favourite” CAD system, I could just replace all and it would update all the symbols, but keep the value (e.g. 100R, 1k etc).

Also, if I have an R0805 and add an extra field to it for some reason, how would I do a global update of that? That’s more likely to be in a more complex symbol, but the point remains the same.

Please don’t say it’s easiest just to delete and re-enter, 'cos that just ain’t so. :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

I’m not aware that it can be done directly from inside Kicad. The files are all text based so if you can script or open in with a text editor you can do the replacements from there.

There is a tool that opens up to assign footprints (PvPCB). Depending on how many items you have it could be a simple matter of repeated double clicks down the list to get them assigned for this project and then just use your new part in future projects.

Looking at the FAQ for 3rd party tools I see this.

Thanks, Hermit. I think I’ll add this as a feature request. I think it’s a really important thing to be able to do. In the meantime I will look at your suggestions. I can program in Python, so a script might be a possibility.

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