Is it possible to make arc of keep-out-area..?

now, shape of fills-zone and keep-out-area is quadrilateral
is it possible to make arc of shape
thank you.

You could play with the parameter “Corner smoothing” to see if you achieve the desired results:

Using a filled factor of 2:

There are these workarounds mentioned above, or maybe others too.

For the future there’s a wishlist item to allow any graphic item to be used as a keepout: but it would be v7 in earliest. There’s also a wish for filleted rectangles,, which could be combined with 4122. But a realistic solution may come for v6,, which is polygons with curves. If that works for keepout zones it would make your use case possible easily.


means 4 sided and I see already 5 sides on your zone cutout…

Support for arcs and circles is historically quite low in KiCad, and Cutouts in zones have the least amount of configurability.

The simplest solution would be to just ignore it. It is purely cosmetical, and the feature is maybe a mm big on the final PCB and you’ll hardly see it anyway.

A slight “improvement” would be:

  • Set the grid to a suitable resolution.
  • Select the cutout boundary.
  • Hit [Ins] key a few time to add more corners.
  • Use 3 or 5 straight line segments and manually approxiamate the radius.

There is also another workaround, but it’s a bit of a dirty hack.
You can remove the cutout, then add a normal Zone in that location and give it a high priority. If you also make sure that that zone is connected to a net that does not come near to that location, then the zone will be drawn without any copper in it. The (lower priority) zone around it then keeps normal clearance from the inner zone and will generate radius-es in its corners.

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