Is it possible to hide some footprints in pcbNew for 3d export?

The pcb I’m working can be populated with either through hole or smt parts. The pads are designed so they will pass DRC, but only one set of parts will be populated at assembly time. So, there will be two board assemblies, with DNP (do not populate) footprints.

I’d like to be able to hide one set of parts (e.g. the SMT version) before exporting 3d, then hide the PTH parts to get a 3d model of the pcb when populated with the SMT parts.

I can easily delete the DNP parts before exporting, but I thought there might be a way to hide footprints like many 3d programs do.

pcbnew has no knowledge about fields other than the reference and value which means your DNP information never reaches it.

I fear not even stepup (freecad extension) will have an automatic way to read that info from the schematic fields but it at least has an option to filter which footprints are not imported. But i am not sure if there is even an option to use the refdes as a filter option. @maui can possibly give us details about that.

@Rene_Poschl @Dave_Thomas
ATM StepUp has these two options to filter loading STEP models:

  1. Virtual models (on/off)
  2. blacklist 3D model name(s)
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