Is it possible to have : Fuse and 2 Fuseclips on schematic, footprint,3D & BOM?


On the PCB i easily add 2 fuse clips (schematic, footprint ,3D & BOM) :
Fuse Clip

Is it possible to add the fuse as well. So on 3D i will the fuseclips holding the fuse ?

Thank you

I think you can mark the fuse as not in schematic but in BOM and layout but I’m not sure how you would position it vertically in 3D.

Listed in the footprint library are “Fuseholder_Clip …” These are footprints for two of the above clips separated by an incorporated fuse (note all the different mountings for the clips), however there are no 3Ds.

The schematic will show a fuse with a link to the appropriate fuseholder.
The PCB will have the fuseholder with a link to a “to be found” 3D.
The BOM will have a fuse and two metal clips.

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I’ve 3Ds from grabcad and/or 3dcontentcentral. Works for me.

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