Is it possible to have arc track?


KiCad 4.0.7.
Task is RFID antenna with round ferrite plate ?

If not - will it be possible in V5?


I believe there was a patch to add something like this last year but I don’t think it was ever merged.

Status on curved/smooth corners in traces?

It wasn’t and won’t be in v5 now.
There is a work round using a component footprint


I’ll try (probably). I wonder if KiCad accepts two pads connected internally in footprint (and I will also need some vias there).
I think - faster (for me) would be not to use KiCad for it :slight_smile:


AFAIK there are the rudiments for arc-ed tracks in the router, but the only way I know how to access it is in the track tuning. I’ve only accessed with tuning differential pair skew/phase.

Nah, I take that back. I just did a length tuning on a board and found what appear to be arcs are just lots of short segments approximating an arc:

Never mind. (I would have deleted this, but decided to leave it so others can learn from my mistake in understanding.)


The electrons don’t care about the arc actually being segments, so there is nothing wrong.
I suspect the OP might be trying to make a spiral antenna, so it would be a lot of segments.


If @Piotr does indeed want to create spiral antenas then these posts might be of interest to him:


And being learned from some my previous questions when I can’t do such (any angle) segments under F11 I found them under F9.
But this time instead of doing lot of segments I will just modify that antenna project I had made years ago under Protel where I have arc tracks (would be faster). I am in a midle of my way from Protel to Kicad.


I have added first of links to my “to look carefully in future about KiCad”.
I don’t know Python, and don’t know when will have time to learn it.

Long time ago (previous century) to add graphic to my PCBs I have written simple C++ program converting black/white BMP to gerber (line by line as 1mils width horizontal tracks). As program to edid BMP I had those times allowed max resolution of 600dpi I designed my graphic in 2:1 an saved as 500dpi.

Looking very fast through that link I sow there some tool to get gerber used in try period time. I have nothing against giving source of that my program but not sure if it can be usefull for anyone here.



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