Is it possible to contrast track-pad-silk of other layer

I am newbie for Kicad,
now i think display of Kicad is difficult to see and manage

Is it possible to contrast track-pad-via-and-all-item of other layer to 50%-70%
(Example i am working on Top-Layer, i set contrast of bottom layer, it can contrast only track of bottom-layer but i think… if all of items on other-layer are contrast ( 50% - 70% )
i think it is easily to understand (same other Cad example Diptrace)

Have you tried the “High Contrast” mode (Ctrl-H) ?


If you right click in the “Layers Manager” on the other side of the screen, you can change the colors of the layers, and also set the opacity of layers.

For me an opacity of around 80% seems to be a usable compromise.

This might be of interest (ready made colour themes for kicad including a python script to install them)